Conference Banquet

Brooklands Museum is the venue for the BMVC 2012 conference banquet, held the evening of September 5th.

Brooklands is the birth place of British motorsport, offering in 1907 the world's first purpose built motor racing circuit. Many technological achievements in both motorsport and aviation have their origins in or around Brooklands. Prior to the conference dinner there will be opportunity for BMVC delegates to tour the Brooklands museum, to view wide range of Brooklands-related motoring and aviation exhibits ranging from giant racing cars, motorcycles, bicycles to a multitude of aircraft including Concorde.  


Coaches will depart for Brooklands from the main University bus stop, immmediately in front of the Austin Pearce (AP) building hosting the BMVC talks.

Coaches will return delegates to the same bus stop approximately 10:30pm, with an option to catch a later coach available to those indicating this preference at the time of conference registration.

Admission to the banquet is available to all registered BMVC delegates.

Due to the size of BMVC and the limited capacity of the banquet hall at the museum, it is unlikely that many additional conference banquet tickets will be available. Requests for additional tickets will be considered on a first come first served basis, and at a cost of 50 pounds, by emailing the conference organisers at

Delegates with special dietary requirements must indicate these at the time of conference registration.

Images licensed under the Creative Commons 2.0. By paul_appleyard and Nissan Juke Tekna.