BMVC 2012 - Student Bursaries

The BMVA and the PASCAL 2 network are offering a limited number of student bursaries for BMVC 2012

The British Machine Vision Association (BMVA) student bursaries offer financial support to research students who otherwise could not attend BMVC 2012. The scheme is open to any student studying for a PhD qualification, whether in the UK or overseas. Priority will be given to students from UK institutions.

The PASCAL student bursaries are similar to those offered by BMVA, but prioritised to applicants studying at any institution who are members of the PASCAL network

The value of both types of bursary is 500 GBP, and will be reimbursed by the BMVA or PASCAL network respectively directly to the student after BMVC 2012. It is therefore important that any receipts are retained to enable claims to be processed.

Note that attendance at the BMVC student workshop on Friday 7 September is compulsory for all students successful in acquiring a bursary.

Applications for both bursary types are accepted only via this web form, please do not approach the BMVA or PASCAL network directly as the BMVC 2012 commitee are administrating the process. You do not need to fill in the form twice. You will automatically be considered for both types of bursary. In addition to the priortisation criteria for each type of bursary, preference will be given to students presenting their paper at BMVC 2012.

Applications will be assessed on the basis of the student's CV, their perceived financial need, and the potential benefit of attending BMVC to their research.

Deadline for applications 10 August. Applicants notified by 17 August.

To apply please fill in the form (complete all fields):

Bursary applications are now closed. If you have applied, you will be notified via email of the outcome on or before Friday 17 August.

Student Name
Student Email
Name of Supervisor(s)
Research Topic
(e.g. thesis title)
Web link to your publications page (e.g. Google Scholar) or your CV
Paper ID/s, if presenting at BMVC
PASCAL member ID (if available)
Confirm you are a research student
Confirm you would be able to attend student workshop on 7 September

Describe how you and your research would benefit from a bursary to attend BMVC 2012.

Note the deadline for applications is 10 August and you will be notified up to 7 days later.
Please email any queries regarding this scheme to